Rules and Regulations

Enjoy a safe and peaceful vacation at Georgian Bay Park.

Georgian Bay Park Rules and Regulations—Enjoy a safe and peaceful family vacation

Schedule A

It is our goal at Georgian Bay Park to provide services which allow all of our Occupants and guests to enjoy family vacations in a safe and peaceful environment. The following Rules and Regulations are written in everyone's best interest to achieve that goal. The rules shall be observed at all times by all persons occupying or visiting the Park.

  1. Behaviour—aggressive and abusive behaviour, including language will not be tolerated at any time. The Park reserves the right to remove any offenders and / or the owner(s) from the Park without warning and terminate the Licence of Occupation Agreement.

    Cause for termination of Licence of Occupation: Where the behaviour of the Seasonal RV Owner or other users of the site is so unreasonable as to cause the other occupiers of the Park to be deprived of the enjoyment of their Seasonal RV trailer.

    Examples of activities which may be regarded as constituting a serious breach and / or unreasonable behaviour and not capable of remedy:

    1. Committing a criminal offense on the Park: theft, bringing unlawful drugs or firearms onto the Park or committing any assault on another person on the Park;
    2. Willfully causing damage to any property on the Park whether belonging to the Park or any other guest or RV Owner;
    3. Breaching any obligation under the Licence of Occupation or Park Rules.
  2. Alcohol and glass containers are only permitted on your site.
  3. ATV owners are encouraged to join ATV use in the park is solely allowed on the south service roads to exit the park onto a trailer to take to the legal trails. Speed limit 10km/hour. Public liability insurance required.
  4. Bicycles and Pedestrians—Bicycles are only permitted on the roadways and dedicated paths within the Park. Bicycles must be ridden slowly, under 10 km/hr and the bike rider must exercise care and control at all times. Cutting across sites is prohibited.
  5. Building permit—All renovations including decks/railings, hard roof and add-a-room construction and sheds, are to be supervised by the Park Office to maintain standardization throughout the Park. This enforced standardization will create a unified appearance, protect your investment and enhance the resale of your trailer. A Municipal building permit (where applicable) is to be obtained before any work can commence (please see Park office).
  6. Children / Teenagers—The occupant is responsible at all times for the supervision, conduct and behaviour of any children and teenagers on Park property, including the campsite itself. Where the children or teenagers are part of the Occupant's family or are visitors, guests or invitees to the Occupant's site, the Occupant will ensure their compliance with all rules and regulations of the Park. All children and teenagers (persons under 18 years of age) must be on an adult supervised campsite by 11:00 pm each night. Children and teenagers may not be left in the resort at any time without adult supervision. Young children using any of the recreational facilities or equipment must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times. The playground areas and equipment are strictly off limits after dusk each day.
  7. Clean and Tidy Condition / Hazardous Materials—The Occupant, their family, guests and invitees shall maintain the R.V. and any improvements as well as the campsite and any campsite improvements in a clean and tidy condition. Do not allow any refuse, garbage or other loose and objectionable material to accumulate on or around the property. No one shall use, or store, any hazardous substance on the campsite or in the R.V.s. For the purpose of this clause "hazardous substances" shall include all contaminants, pollutants, wastes, toxic, dangerous or harmful substances or materials.
  8. Clotheslines are not permitted on any site. A portable clothes rack that stands upright on your deck is permitted.
  9. Construction or improvement or repair of any kind to the RV or the campsite must have prior written approval of the Park office. The Park Office reserves the right to limit or prohibit access by outside tradesmen or suppliers. The Park Office reserves the right to limit periods during which construction can take place.
  10. Decks and Railings are to be purchased through the Park Office. These structures are to be constructed in accordance with Park standardization policy to promote esthetics throughout the Park. Timber, canvas or temporary sunrooms are not allowed on an R.V. site. Accessible access ramps and steps are to be constructed in accordance with standard designs as per Park Management.
  11. Fences are to be approved by Park Office. No driving of steel stakes or poles of any kind as utilities are buried throughout the Park.
  12. Fires—Fire Pits and Barbecues must be properly extinguished before retiring for the evening, or upon departure of site. No open fires are permitted on the site except in the designated area. Burning of leaves and garden waste is specifically forbidden by local by-laws. Park reserves the right to forbid campfires entirely in periods of excessive drought or when fires pose a threat to the safety of others. Storage of firewood on the campsite is subject to review and approval of Park Office and must be out of sight and in no event shall more firewood be kept on the site than can be used during the camping season. The Occupant may use interlocking brick or patio stones around the fire pit to provide a non combustible surface, however such pavers or stones must be kept level with the existing grade. By laying these slabs they are deemed to have passed into the ownership of the Park and may not be removed unless the ground is restored to its original condition.
  13. Firewood has to be purchased at the Park. No outside firewood can be brought in from outside the Park. Chain saws prohibited in Park.
  14. Fireworks of any kind are not allowed within the property.
  15. Fridges—A second fridge is only permitted on the campsite if it is stored inside a shed and not visible.
  16. Garbage Disposal will be restricted to designated garbage collection areas, as posted by the Park Office. Kindly take your recyclables home.
  17. Hydro box—Tampering, altering or gaining access to the outside hydro box, which is the property of the Park will be considered a breach of Licence of Occupation agreement.
  18. Insurance—The Occupant undertakes and agrees to take out and maintain property and comprehensive liability insurance, with respect to the Occupant's use and occupation of the Site, in a minimum amount of $2,000,000.00 (Two Million Dollars). Proof of such insurance (Certificate of Insurance) shall be required prior to May 1st and annually thereafter.
  19. Golf Cart Rules (includes Side-by-Sides)
    1. All Golf Cart Owners must provide proof of insurance and golf cart ownership to the Park Office.
    2. All Golf Carts must be registered at the Park Office and have $1,000,000 public liability insurance.
    3. All Golf Carts must have park registration on each side of the cart as assigned by the Park Office.
    4. All golf cart operators must have attained the age of 16 and have a valid Class G Drivers Licence. Any person found driving under the age of 16 or without a drivers licence will be issued a trespass notice, preventing entrance to the Park for a minimum of one year.
    5. Only insured licensed owners and licensed drivers listed with the Office are allowed to operate golf carts within the Park. The Office must have a valid photocopy of the valid driver's licence of all drivers listed on the cart.
    6. Golf carts must be equipped with working headlights and should have tail lights. They must have a muffler and be in good working order.
    7. Golf carts are classed as a Motor Vehicle under the Criminal Code of Canada and are subject to the Motor Vehicle Traffic Act. All golf carts must obey all normal traffic signs. This means stopping at stop signs and obeying one way streets and no-entry signs. Open alcohol is not allowed on golf carts.
    8. All motor vehicles including golf carts shall not exceed the 10 km/h speed limit (or otherwise posted) and should observe any one way system and all traffic signage.
    9. Alcohol is only to be transported unopened and concealed. Any driver or passenger who has open alcohol (this includes red cups, clear cups, plastic bottles, etc) on a golf cart will cause the golf cart to be removed from the Park property.
    10. Anyone driving a golf cart intoxicated will lose the privilege to have a golf cart on Park property. The golf cart will have to be removed from the Park at the expense of the owner.
    11. The number of people on a golf cart is determined by the number of seats available on the cart. There will be no standing-up on golf carts. Every passenger must have a proper seat. All seats must be fastened properly to the golf cart. All unsafe and unfastened seats of any kind must be removed.
    12. All golf carts are to be parked on your site from 11:00 pm to 8:00 am.
    13. Any seasonal guests (or his / her guests) disregarding these rules or allowing any other person to drive the golf cart will have to remove their cart from the Park.
  20. Grass cutting is the responsibility of the seasonal Occupant. In the event that a team member of the Park has to cut a Seasonal Occupant's yard, applicable charges will be applied to your account. Lawn mowers restricted hours of operation are 10.00 am to 5:00 pm.
  21. Insurance—The Park will not be held responsible or liable for any property damage or theft. It is the responsibility of the Occupant to provide current property as well as liability insurance. Please be prepared to supply the Park Office with a copy of your insurance policy if requested.
  22. Landscaping—The Occupant, their family, guests or invitees shall not injure or remove the lawn, shade trees, shrubbery or other trees or plants anywhere on Park property, including the campsite. The Occupant shall be responsible to the Park for any damages to the campsite, the Park or any of its facilities or amenities, caused by the Occupant, his family, guests, visitors or invitees.
  23. Park Grounds are communal and are the property of Georgian Bay Park. The area of land designated for an individual R.V. is the area covered by the R.V. trailer. The area of usage for the R.V. will generally be determined as the side at which the doors open. The Park Management reserves the right to clarify any discrepancies.
  24. Parking—the parking of motor vehicles is restricted to the designated parking spaces on the site, or to designated visitor parking areas. Each RV Trailer is allocated parking for no more than two (2) vehicles. Additional vehicles must be parked in designated visitor parking areas. One additional spot per site is available for Golf Carts parking adjacent to the motor vehicle area. All vehicles and golf carts must be registered. Vehicles not used on a daily basis do not constitute one of these items and may not be stored on Park property. Under no circumstance are vehicles permitted to park along private Park roadways. Boats, all terrain vehicles, watercraft and their related hauling trailers must be parked in the designated areas only and a valid parking permit must be issued by Park Office, and may not be parked on seasonal sites.
  25. Pets—2 dogs or cats (maximum of 2 combined) may not occupy site without written permission of the Park Office. Free ranging of pets at any time is prohibited. Cats must be kept within the confines of the R.V. No pet may be tied on a lead without a handler and no unattended chaining or tethering of a pet outside of the R.V. shall be permitted. Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times with the exception of the designated off leash areas. Noisy or unruly pets or pets that constitute a nuisance or are not controlled by the Occupants will, upon the written request of the Park Office, be permanently removed from the Park. Pets will not be permitted entry to any building compromising a part of the Common Areas and Facilities of the Park, nor are they allowed on any playing fields or within the pool enclosure. All pets must be tagged, have proper shots and shall comply with any applicable municipal bylaws. It is the Occupant's responsibility to care properly for any pet and to clean and restore any areas of the site or Park where mess or damage has occurred. The Park reserves the right to refuse entry to large or aggressive dogs. Under Ontario provincial law, dangerous dogs (pit-bull, Rottweiler, Doberman, etc) are not allowed in the Park.
  26. Ponds—All ponds are unsupervised by the Park and use of the ponds for any purpose is strictly at the users own risk. Children under twelve (12) years of age must be accompanied by an adult at all times when playing near any of the ponds.
  27. Privacy—Be considerate of your fellow neighbors, privacy, and space. Please do not walk-on, nor pass through other sites.
  28. Quiet Enjoyment—Noise is to be kept to an ABSOLUTE MINIMUM between 11pm and 8am by all occupants. Excessive noise at any time of day will not be tolerated. Play your sound systems, etc. softly at all times. Excessive noise shall be defined as any sound that Park Office deems to be causing a disturbance to other users of the Park. This rule is also extended to golf carts fitted with stereos. Car stereos should be turned down upon entering the Park and not used to provide music. Dependent children must be on your site by 11:00 curfew. In the event of a gathering of campers at the Occupants site, the Occupant is responsible and will be held accountable to ensure that the noise restrictions are observed.
  29. Repairs—No repairs and maintenance of cars, boats or other vehicles are permitted on Park property.
  30. Renting of R.V.s—Renting or leasing out the R.V. is strictly prohibited. Where any Occupant is found to have rented out or leased out a R.V. the Licence of Occupation will be immediately terminated. Allowing others to use your R.V. without the Occupant being present is not allowed.
  31. R.V. Sales and Improvement Purchases—All R.V. sales within the Park must be handled through the sales division. No "For Sale" signs are permitted to be displayed on either the R.V. or site. Management reserves the right to disallow any sale of a R.V. intended to remain in the Park where the R.V.s age and / or condition do not meet current Park standards. New and used R.V.s sunrooms, screen rooms and hard awnings must be purchased through the sales division. Sunrooms, screen rooms and hard awnings must be factory fabricated and must have the prior written approval of the Park management.
  32. Satellite Dishes / TV Towers—TV Towers and antennae of any kind are strictly prohibited. Mini satellite dishes, not exceeding 18" in diameter are permitted provided they are mounted on the R.V. or in a location approved in writing by the Park and must not interfer with Park maintenance. Satellite dishes may not be mounted on trees and trees or branches may not be removed from the site to facilitate reception of a satellite signal without prior written consent of the Park Office.
  33. Seasonal Fees—seasonal fees are non-refundable after May 1. ($1000 deposit—100% non-refundable). Should you decide to leave or are asked to leave the Park before the season is complete you will not be reimbursed for your seasonal fees .
  34. Security—All occupants shall comply with security arrangements that may be put in place from time to time for the benefit of the Park.
  35. Sheds—Only one (1) shed is permitted on each site. The location of the shed on the site must be approved by the Park Office. Sheds should be grey in colour and not made of metal.
  36. Site and Trailer Condition—All Seasonal R.V. Trailers are to be kept in good condition and maintained to the high standards of the Park. The Occupant is responsible for the general upkeep of the R.V. Trailer and the tidiness around the site. If the R.V. Trailers do not meet the standards of the Park in terms of condition, general standards and safety, a written notice will be sent to the R.V. Owner giving 60 days to rectify the situation. If the required standards are still not met the Park Management reserves the right to terminate the Licence of Occupation as per a second letter indicating the tenant's trailer must be removed by season's end. If the Park has to remove the trailer, removal and storage charges will apply. Notwithstanding the above, an application in writing may be made to the Park to exempt this rule. This will require that the applicant agree to an arms length appraisal. Provided the appraisal indicates an offsite value of $15,000 or more, and provided the trailer is maintained to a safe and reliable standard, and inspection certificates confirm that all propane, plumbing and sewage wastewater holding tanks and systems are in good working order and condition, the trailer may be resold. No R.V. older that 10 years will be allowed into the Park for a new or replacement site rental. No trailer currently in the Park can be resold to a 3rd party and remain in the Park if older than 20 years. All trailers older than 20 years that are currently in the Park may stay, PROVIDED, they are maintained to a safe and reliable standard as approved by the Park Management.
  37. Soliciting or the distribution of literature is prohibited anywhere within the Park.
  38. Speed Limit of any licensed motor vehicle operating within the Park is restricted to 10km/h. Minibikes and scooters and any other non licensed vehicles are prohibited within the Park. Where applicable golf carts and side-x-sides must be registered and have $1,000,000 public liability insurance. Please contact Park Office for details.
  39. Storage—Park occupants may arrange offsite storage of miscellaneous large items for a charge. Extraneous items such as trailers and boats of Park Occupants must be stored off-site. These items must not be stored at the R.V. site. Items will be stored at the risk of the Park Occupant in a designated location in the Park and Park Management will not be responsible for damaged or stolen articles.
  40. Swimming Pool—The rules posted in the pool enclosure must be strictly adhered to by all bathers.
  41. Tarps are not allowed as a windbreak or cover of trailer / R.V. units during the season. Winter tarps covering trailers must be removed by May 1 of any given year.
  42. Tents—One screened tent without a floor, for dining is permitted on the site. Sleeping tents are not permitted on seasonal sites, unless authorized by Park Manager. Under no circumstances will a sleeping tent be permitted on a seasonal site where a screened tent already exists for dining. Where a sleeping tent is permitted by the Park, there shall be no more that one (1) sleeping tent erected per site and such tent shall not be erected before dusk and shall be removed each morning. Under no circumstances will any seasonal site be permitted to erect a sleeping tent for more than five (5) nights during any camping season.
  43. Theft and Vandalism—There is a zero tolerance policy in effect in respect of any acts of theft or vandalism within the Park. In the event that an Occupant, their family, guests or invitees are caught vandalizing or defacing Park property or stealing, the Occupants Licence of Occupation will be immediately terminated and the Occupant and R.V. will be evited from the Park without refund or adjustment of the seasonal site fee.
  44. Visitors / Occupants—The Occupant will ultimately be held responsible for all persons occupying their unit. In the event of behaviour likely to cause offence or damage to any other user of the Park or the facilities, the Park Management reserves the right to remove any offenders and / or the owner(s) from the Park without warning. All seasonal Occupant Guests must check-in at the Park Office upon EACH visit. Visitor's vehicles must be parked in the area provided. Daily visitors must leave the Park by 10pm Overnight visitors must be registered with the Park Office.
  45. Wildlife—The Park is located in a rural area and is predominantly a campground setting in which the R.V. Trailer Owners share a natural habitat with wildlife including skunks, raccoons, etc. The Park recommends taking precautionary steps to protect the Occupant's R.V. from damage from these animals. Occupants are prohibited from trapping of wildlife and are discouraged from feeding the wildlife. The Park Management at no time shall be liable for any damages caused by these animals to an R.V. under any circumstances.
  46. Work Orders—All site repair requests must be made through the Park Office and be handled by filling out and signing a work order.

The Licence of Occupation agreement is available for download.

The Park Office reserves the right to amend this Schedule "A" at any time, at its sole discretion.